I feel pulse here to send you this newsletter in regard of some WhatsApp comments I have recently read or some emails I have received regarding the situation about this coronavirus.

So, I am transmitting here this short message I just received emanating from the higher realms of consciousness in the light of the beloved Maitreya and in response to those WhatsApp messages and emails.
This message might, or not, resonate within you.
Hopefully it will bring you some insights.

I am just asking for your forgiveness here as English is not my primary language and just because I have not time right now in my busy schedule to get an outside correction regarding the English text below.Thank you for your understanding.

(February 4, 2020)

Beloved ones,

At all time, you are all bathing and dwelling within an ocean of frequencies and energies. In the duality’s dimension you are experiencing, those frequencies and energies can be divided in two groups, or egregores.
Egregores are like massive “invisible” clouds of highly concentrated though forms frequencies, bathing your whole world beloved ones.

One of this egregore is holding the purest highest frequencies of divine love, the other one is carrying the highest frequencies of fears. As they are only two massive force in the duality’s dimension you are experiencing:  love and fear.
Therefore, this egregore of Light, or Love, and this egregore of fear are covering all of your existences. You are connected to them at all time.

Now, every day, you are making choices.
In divine truth, each time you are breathing, you are making a choice. Each time you are breathing, you are directing your consciousness. And where you are directing your consciousness, you are creating. You are creating a reality, your reality, and creating what you also call your future. In the now of your breathing.

Every time you are acting, cocreating, sending your frequencies through your consciousness, you are, at the same time, automatically, through your own power, and without being aware of it , feeding one of those egregores. So, when you are making a choice, whatever your choice is. And it can be a very simple choice, we say, to an extreme choice, you are in truth feeding, nourishing these egregores, bringing power to one of them. Bringing power either to the egregore of light or bringing your power to the egregore of fear. It is an instantaneous process beloved ones.

We are bringing this awareness to you because of certain events that are going on in your world right now.

Old structures, old thought forms, old habits than are not necessary anymore are dissolving slowly under the expansion of the sacred feminine enlightened frequencies pouring within your world. Those enlightened feminine codes, sounds, frequencies and geometries, you are breathing at all time, are emanations from the enlightened galactic, celestial or universal dimensions and from the enlightened dimensions of Gaia.

As a mirror effect, all destructurations taking place around you, are taking place also within you and vice-versa. Old structures within are falling apart, amplifying at the same time your hypra-sensitivity, opening, expanding the opening of your heart chakra. Making you feel sometimes weak, more exposed, or not able to understand what is emanating from your subconscious, your multidimensional realms, which can sometimes engulf your consciousness and totally decentered you, making you more permeable to any kind of external or internal disharmonic pressures beloved ones.

In this context, you are looking, seeking for answers. And trying to understand, analyse through the mind. Dispersing your frequencies around, or loosing yourself, or your illusionary time, in the quest of hypothetical outside answers or point of views.
When you are, in truth, turning your back to the answer resonating deep within you. Just because the answer you are looking for beloved ones is, and will always be found not outside yourself but deep within yourself.

In all that is going on and taking place around you, in all the deep changes in your governments and patriarchal societies, choose to always step away from the outside, from all kind of manipulations or informations that are exaggerated or amplified by your medias or social medias.

They are deep energetical power games taking place around you right now, that most of you are not aware of. Games of total control. And the best way to expand those controls is through the expansion of fears beloved ones. By amplifying the fear within you and around you.

But then you have the choice.
The choice to not listen to what is going on around and especially not to give power to those illusions, those fears. The choice not to nourish or amplify the humanity’s egregore of fear.
And at the same time, not to empowered your mind and disharmonic emotions.

Listening to your heart we say, not listening to your mind.
The mind structures will always accentuate and expand those fears within and around therefore, through the emanation of your frequencies, will act and take actions within others around you, like your closed ones for instance. Creating or amplifying a reality of fear.

And you can choose also to stay deeply anchor within yourself, withdrawing from all external controlling pressures. Just because the divine within you is the strongest power and protection you can manifest at all time.

By listening to your heart beloved ones, the divine within and not listening to your logical mind anymore.
Your heart knows all about the divine truth. Your heart knows exactly what is good for you, what is important for your soul, for you to learn. Your heart knows how to extract yourself, to step away, from all kind of fears or illusions going on in your matrice of duality. Your heart can show you a way, guiding you to free yourself and to trust your own divine power that can’t be altered.

Stay in control of who you are deep within, attune to your divine essence. Choose not to be control by forces outside of yourself beloved ones. Or suffering and fears will raise and spread in your daily life, and freedom will vanish from your reality, just by choosing to give your power away.
If you choose to step away from fears and illusions, and stop giving your power away to all that is spreading, like disharmonic winds, in your word: peace, harmony, love, protection and guidance will rise up, from deep within, into your awareness, your consciousness, and will change your path of life forever.

So, we are asking you;
Where is your divine Trust here? Where is your divine Faith?
By giving power to fear, by trusting, listening, spreading words or thoughts of fear, fear you will magnetize, fear you will be creating, and fear will transform your life. Stepping away from the expansion of your heart chakra, your divine essence and you will.

You are all carrying and holding an immense power deep within. A divine power. What are you doing with this power in your daily life? What are your divine priorities? What are you creating? Who are you feeding through each of your frequencies emanating at all time from your being?
Are you nourishing the egregore of love, through divine Faith and Trust?
Or are you nourishing, through your disharmonic thoughts, disharmonic emotions and emanations, what you call the darkness within you and around you and this egregore of fear?

Darkness frequencies are just low frequencies beloved ones. You all have the power to step away from those low frequencies, and to transmute them into high frequencies, for your whole benefice and the one of your humanity.
Fear is only a low frequency of divine love beloved ones.

But you are all holding this power to make fear a reality in your world and to be immerged, governed by it. As you have all the power to transform all into high frequencies and expand love deep within and around.

It is just a question of choice beloved ones.
A state of your divine mastery.

We give thanks to each one of you beloved ones
Blessed be we say.

Blessed be the Earth.
Blessed be this humanity.
Blessed be each one of you.

Copyright © 2020, Anaan Kumara
All rights reserved