Sourcing Your Spiritual Power


Ignite your Divine Voice ~ Open your Higher Self Channel ~ Birth the New Earth Shaman within You

A One Year Online Training from
Mai 2019 – Mai 2020

We invite you to join a Pod of 77 loving Souls worldwide to open the doorway to an empowered life for your self and the Earth, with the spiritual power of your Divine Voice, through
  • Igniting your Divine Voice and Sacred Sound Languages
  • Opening your Higher Self Channel to speak truth
  • Self Mastery of your Divine Connection and Higher Self mergence
  • Opening your multidimensional nature and group consciousness
  • Birthing your Soul’s higher purpose and gifts
  • Activating the creation flame within
  • Sourcing your spiritual power from Higher Planes of Consciousness to ground new creations on the earth
  • Becoming a Keeper of Songlines
  • The Ancient Art of a New Earth Shaman
  • Your symbiotic relationship with the Earth, the Field of Oneness and the Portals of Creation
In the ease and comfort of your own home, by your own spiritual altar, you receive:
  • Powerful audio meditations and webinars
  • Divine Voice and Sacred Sound Practices
  • Wisdom teachings
  • Visitations of the Enlightened Masters and Ancient Guardians
  • Infusions of divine energy through Sound and Light transmissions
  • Personal Mumara sessions with your student guide
  • Heart Linkups in pod consciousness
  • Multidimensional activation of your Creation Body
  • Activation and empowerment of your Higher Self Channel
  • Shamanic Healing training

Registrations are open from July 1st  until November 11 – 2018