Welcome into the divine ascended flows of the Wesak 2021


Anchored in the frequencies of the Taurus full moon (April 27), considered the most powerful moon on the calendar, the opening of the Wesak portal instantly activates this unique bridge of light between the illuminated Buddhic and Christic realms and Humanity.

This profound divine blessing is an opportunity not to be missed


It brings to the body and to the soul very powerful floods of illumination which come to purify, realign and seed all that we are (chakras, energetic bodies including the physical body and the mind).


A Wesak’s meditation is the equivalent of all benefits received from several months of meditation

In connection with all groups of people who will meditate in the world to celebrate this extraordinary event of Light, this webinar will help you to receive highly concentrated illuminated frequencies, codes, geometries, sounds and messages emanating from the heart of the golden portal of the Wesak. Simultaneously these frequencies will also be directed from your Heart to Gaia’s heart to bless her. This act of compassion and blessing will cleanse your karma and bring divine changes into your life path.


Wesak Encoded Water

If you are attending this webinar, please bring a glass bottle filled with water.

All information will be provided during the webinar



Informations and registrations:

Rita, Whatsapp: +852 6698 1392