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With great joy and infinite love I welcome you onto those pages frequencies as a spiritual guide and international teacher.

For 12 years now, since my divine opening, I am living in direct contact with the Enlightened Masters and the multidimension plans. Since that time, I have worked with numerous groups and individuals all around the world giving enlightened workshops and retreats, trainings and sacred sounds healing group sessions while constantly creating new teachings, templates and codes emanating from the multidimensional realms of Shamballa and the sacred Venusian archives.

In this mission of service to humanity, I am to guide all souls coming onto my path by reopening, liberating and expanding their infinite heart and consciousness on this path of illumination.

In my mission of service to Gaia, I am to open and seed divine frequencies to activate sacred sites and portals while giving also pilgrimages through the assistance of masters, archangels and emissaries emanating from the ancestral, crystal, elemental, christic, illuminated and celestial inner earth dimensions.

In parallel, I am now also a mentor and the ambassador, for Europe and Asia, of the « Divine University », based in Australia. This spiritual university allows you to received vast informations, teachings and meditations regarding your consciousness awareness and divine openings.

Through the infinite softness of love and compassion, emanating from my Venusian and Kumara’s heart, and through all my multidimensional higher connections, I am presenting myself to you for any guidance via long distance sessions or through workshops or retreats given under the light of the Illumined masters.

It will always be an honor for us to help you to manifest the growth of your beautiful heart, in the light of your divine presence, in direct connection to God’s infinite love and wisdom.

Blessed be each one of you,
Blessed be the Earth.
Blessed be, blessed be, blessed be.
From my heart to yours,


You may also directly contact Anaan regarding his retreats and workshops or for long distance sessions, given in French or English, at:

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